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In 18 Wheels Of Steel: Extreme Trucker you will take on the role of a daring truck driver working in the three exotic locations: Tuktoyaktuk Winter Road, Australian Outback and Yungas Road. All of these real world locations are extremely beautiful and extremely harsh at the same time. You will start in the Tuktoyaktuk Winter Road as a complete newbie, and later as you progress through the game, you will get the chance to transport more demanding and even intimidating cargoes over longer distances, and often in severe weather conditions. Later, when you gain enough experience to be offered jobs in Australian Outback and Yungas Road, you will be able to travel between the locations freely. However, you will start as a beginner in each region and you will have to work your way up through the ranks to become the most respected driver with the most intriguing offers.

The work you will be doing sounds simple on paper: transport loads from one place to another. However, the harsh environment and challenging cargoes make it far from simple, so there are a few things you should be careful of. Firstly, each job has a time limit. If you don't make it in time, before the timer bar goes all the way up, you will be penalized. Don't worry though, it doesn't mean you should drive carelessly, racing the other cars on the narrow roads and risking damaging your cargo or truck. You will have plenty of time for your delivery, just be careful of stalling or wandering around for too long.

Also, be wary of damaging your truck. There is no way of repairing it while on the road, and any damage to your truck or cargo will be penalized. You will start each job with a fully functioning vehicle and you will be expected to return it that way. You will also start with a full tank. There should be enough fuel to take you anywhere you need, but you may spend it all eventually. Once you're out of fuel the job's over. You will not get a chance to refill.

Don't forget that the locations themselves have their own dangers, and there are plenty of ways to get your big rig broken or stranded in the wilderness.

 Tuktoyaktuk Winter Road

Tuktoyaktuk Winter Road, the northernmost ice road in the world. Driving on the ice with heavy loads has been always risky, even if it's over 3 feet thick. Occasional thick fog doesn't help the situation. If you hear any cracking sound, better slow down and try to avoid any cracks you see on the road.

While facing the dangers of Tuktoyaktuk Winter Road, you will climb up through these progress ranks:

  Highway Maggot
  Ice Road Trucker
  Seasoned Trucker
  Polar Bear
  King Of The Road 

   Australian Outback

Australian outback is mostly vast, dusty desert. There you will haul huge road trains over hundreds of miles, but be careful: If you take too curvy road or make a too sharp turn, you're in trouble. Part of your load may break loose and you will never be able to attach it again by yourself.

While facing the dangers of Australian Outback, you will climb up through these progress ranks:

  Trucking Enthusiast
  Outback Ranger
  Road Train Commander
  Desert Captain 

   Yungas Road

Yungas road is a narrow mountain road also known as the Road Of Death. Driving too fast here may result in fatal consequences very quickly. A moment of recklessness or inattention may send you off a cliff or get you stranded in the rough terrain with a broken truck. There are places, sky high in the mountains, where only one vehicle can fit at a time. In combination with dense traffic it's certainly not a good place to be speeding at.

While facing the dangers of Yungas Road, you will climb up through the following progress ranks:

  Mountain Goat
  God's Favorite
  Camionero De Dios 


Note: You can completely reassign the control keys through "Options" -> "Controls" menu.

The supported game controllers are:

Keyboard (only)
Keyboard + Mouse
Keyboard + Joystick
Keyboard + Steering Wheel
Keyboard + Gamepad 

Select the desired controller combination in the selection box at the top and make sure to configure your controller properly

These control actions are available with their default settings for keyboard (remember, you can reassign the keys any time):
Throttle W  
Brake/Reverse S - applies brakes if the truck is moving forward, otherwise reverse gear is engaged
Steering Left A  
Steering Right D  
Shift Up Left Shift Right Shift - if you switch to manual transmission
Shift Down Left Ctrl Right Ctrl - if you switch to manual transmission
Start / Stop Engine E --  
Parking Brake Space --  
Motor Brake B --  
Left-Turn Indicator [ --  
Right-Turn Indicator ] --  
Hazard Warning F --  
Strobe Beacons G --  
Headlights L --  
Horn H --  
Wipers P --  
Cruise Control C -- - toggle on when you reach the speed you want to maintain, toggle off or simply accelerate or decelerate to return to normal
Show / Hide Info Screen F1 --  
Show / Hide Wing Mirrors  F2 -- - toggle wing mirrors
Show / Hide  
On-Screen Dashboard
F3 -- - toggle the dashboard display and gauges
Inside Camera 1 --  
Free Rotate Camera 2 --  
Cabin Camera 3 --  
Bumper Camera 4 --  
Drive-By Camera 5 --  
Next Camera 8 -- - cycle between cameras
Look Left Numpad / --  
Look Right Numpad * --  
Activate Enter -- - activate "unload spot" represented by animated marker at the destination of your current job to finish your delivery
Trailer Attach T -- - attach or detach trailer
Display Mode I -- - switch between modes of dashboard LCD display inside the cabin of certain trucks
Rotate Camera Left Alt -- - enables mouse free look (when held) if the current controller is Keyboard + Mouse, otherwise it has no function
Screenshot F10 -- - take a screenshot (automatically stored in "My Documents\18 Wheels Of Steel Extreme Trucker\screenshot\")


Note: Some of the above keyboard actions (such as Steering Left or Steering Right) may be overridden by additional controllers (joystick, gamepad, wheel etc.) and may no longer function.


 Main Menu

Play! - Start a new game or continue your latest progress.
Profiles - Create, delete and select player profiles. (Very useful if multiple people play the game on the same PC.)
Options - Change graphics, sounds, controls or gameplay settings.
Credits - See the names of the 18 Wheels Of Steel: Extreme Trucker's development team.
Quit Game - Exit the 18 Wheels Of Steel: Extreme Trucker.


Here you can change resolution, tweak brightness and set your own balance between looks and performance of the game.

Here you can reassign the keys to match your controller better. Just click on the action you wish to remap and type the new key (or press Esc to cancel). Here you can also add another game controller to the keyboard, which is by default, for example steering wheel, joystick, or gamepad. Just plug the device in, start the game, go to the controls options and then select it in the combo box at the top.

If you select a controller other than keyboard (in the combo box at the top), you are automatically switched to the controller's settings. You should setup the controlling device properly right away, otherwise it will not work in the game. You can switch between the controller and key settings any time by pressing the button in the lower left corner of the controls settings screen. Caution, certain keyboard controls (especially related to steering) may become disabled as they may be overridden by the additional controller.

Here you can adjust the volume of music and sound effects.

Language - Choose the language in which you would like to play the game. 
Transmission - Set whether you want to shift gears manually. 
Interior Mirrors - Disable real reflection in the wing mirrors if you experience frame rate slow downs. 
Beeping On Reverse - Toggle on or off the beeping sound of a truck when the reverse gear is engaged. 

 Pause Menu

Job Info - See the important information about your current job. Here you can also find a map of the location with your actual position marked on it.
Save Game - Save the current game progress.
Options - Change graphics, sounds, controls or gameplay settings.
Quit Game - Leave the current game to the main menu. Any unsaved progress will be lost.
Back - Return back to game.


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